My path to become an abyssinian breeder started when I hosted two abyssinian litters, one in 2014 and another in 2016. Before the second litter in 2016, I registered my cattery name FI*Kermakupin with FIFé.

I breed abyssinian cats in our home environment where the cats and kittens are a part of our family. My goal is to breed healthy, hearty and captivating abyssinians that comply with the abyssinian cat standard. Kermakupin abyssinians comes in all four basic colors: ruddy, sorrel, blue and fawn.

Kermakupin kittens are ready to leave our cattery when they are 14 weeks old, have been dewormed, if needed, and vaccinated twice, are microchipped, and have had a proper health check-up by a veterinarian. All kittens are registetered in FIFé, and the new owners will receive a full pedigree with the kitten.

Kermakupin Cattery takes pride in being a parasite-free cattery and it is committed to test regularly all breeding cats for giardia, tritrichomonas foetus and ringworm (microsporum canis).

Picture: SP SC TICA SGC FI*Redcheetah’s Ruusu DSM, ABY o