Being a breeder is a continous learning process. My aim is to learn as much as possible about cats, their health and well-being (both physical and mental), breeding, and the abyssinian cat breed among other breeds. I work in close co-operation with experienced breeders from whom I have the privilege to learn. I have also mastered the G1 course of PawpedsAcademy and I am looking forward to continue to the next level, G2, which focuses even more on breeding and genetics of cats.

G1RibbonNobackgroundSummary of most relevant education:

Pawpeds G1 course, 10 weeks in September-October 2018

Course in cat breeding, January 2016
Suomen Kissaliitto, FIFe
Compulsory course to become a registered breeder with FIFe in Finland

In addition I update my knowledge in cat’s current health issues by participating in lectures and courses arranged by cat or breed associations, vet clinics or the University Vet Hospital.

For a complete list of courses and lectures I have attended as well as information on cat and breed associations I am currently a member of, please see reference page in Finnish.

Picture: GIC FI*Kermakupin Feel The Thunder, ABY n