Due to cancelled kitten plans in Autumn 2021, we will have up to three litters during Spring 2022!


The Tove Jansson Litter
Born on 28.1.2022
Dam: Kermakupin Princess Irene ”Koivu” 
Sire: Redcheetah’s Hearty Henry

The Gin & Tonic Litter
Born on 8.3.2022
Dam: GIC Kermakupin Feel The Thunder ”Chili” 
Sire: Tejas Onni ”Rommi”

The Kuopio Litter
Born on 28.3.2022
Dam: Redcheetah’s Grace ”Madde” 
Sire: CH Semerchets Tomin ”Tomppa”

For more information, please visit the webpages of each litter.

All kittens are booked.

Previous litters

Banner picture: Kermakupin Rainy Day Litter ”fab five”, 2019